Christmas gift, barely played with, but now we are moving She s sad, but too big for our new house! Anyone got a birthday coming up? Brand new and already assembled! Ppu FCFS
I wanted to save this for my grand-babies but I have nowhere to store it! My hubby built it... materials alone were over $250; not to mention labor! Sturdy, solid- even the legs are hand made! My 4 kids played everything from legos to dollhouse on this table... the top could use a coat of paint! See additional pics for measurements Ppu
Barbie stuff and some dollhouse stuff 10 Barbies - 2 male, 2 babies, 6 female Tons of food - Bike, slide, shopping center, couches, mailbox Knives, grill, grilling accessories, picnic basket, utensils, computer, letters, school accessories, shoes, tons of clothes, pets, babies, toaster, pillow, basket, shoe organizer, clothes protector, sunglasses, necklaces, hats, calculator, pots and pans, cu...
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